Yoga Bloomfield Hills MI - Prenatal, Postnatal, Basic Yoga Instructor, Private Yoga Sessions - Elise Bowerman - Bowerman-TRXThe practice of yoga is to gain self-reflection. It is not about twisting oneself into a pretzel or standing on our heads or even touching our toes. Let go of whatever you think yoga to be. 

Open up to exploring your body's ability to get you through each day. Open up to noticing feelings as they flow in and out of the mind. Open up to the natural inner voice we all have guiding our decisions.

All yoga classes tend to incorporate much of these techniques:

  • Asana (physical postures)
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Mantra (prayer or affirmations)
  • Chanting (sound/toning)
  • Pratyahara (retention of the senses)
  • Meditation (focus/concentration)

Group Yoga Sessions

As founder of Sweet Momma Yoga all classes are scheduled in a session-based format. Familiarize yourself with the schedule at

Registered Prenatal Yoga School

Sweet Momma Yoga is also a Registered Prenatal Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. View the curriculum outline and training dates here.

Yoga Bloomfield Hills MI - Prenatal, Postnatal, Basic Yoga Instructor, Private Yoga Sessions - Elise Bowerman - Bowerman-assistOne-on-One Yoga Class

The time spent together is 100% dedicated to you. Traditionally, yoga is one teacher to one student. The West has shifted this concept to group classes, but we're seeing a need to return back to the roots of honoring each person as the unique individual they are.

Developing a personal practice builds confidence on and off the mat, and especially if attending group classes to move effectively for your needs; rather than following the herd.

At this time I offer one-on-one yoga classes in my home yoga room in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Current and former students along with referrals are welcomed to schedule an appointment. If we have not yet met I encourage you to contact me to make sure we're the right fit for one another prior to booking an appointment.

Small Group Yoga Classes

In my home yoga room in Bloomfield Hills I can accommodate a small group up to four individuals for semi-private classes. These classes are session-based with a minimum of four classes pre-booked. Contact me to check availability and to save the dates.

Yoga Articles

Affirmations and Quotes

Place inspiring affirmations and quotes throughout your home, work space, vehicle, bags or anywhere else you can find a place for a post-it note. By doing so, you learn these phrases so that the unconscious mind begins to automatically associate an affirmation or quote wherever you are without consciously reading it.

Benefits of Yoga

The practice of yoga offers countless advantages. The following are some of the most basic and important - no matter where or when you begin practicing... yoga knows no age or boundaries to experience these life-changing benefits...


There are a variety of meditation styles, just like yoga practices and workouts. Everyone can meditate...

Mom and Baby Yoga Benefits

Receive encouragement from a mom who's been there, plus other moms who are going through postpartum recovery with you! This practice encourages healthy post-baby weight-loss, along with releasing tension...

Prenatal Yoga Benefits

Outside of the endless benefits of yoga, a prenatal yoga class is the perfect place to begin yoga or continue your practice learning how to incorporate your growing belly into your regular practice... and most importantly for the labor and delivery processes.

Strength for Birth

We may see with our eyes what a strong birthing woman looks like; it’s common to wonder- what's really behind her strength? Is it mostly physical or mental or both?

Three Foundational Qualities You Want In Your Yoga Teacher

The yoga industry has quickly become saturated with new yoga teachers, Insta-Yogi's, and know-it-all's. As a whole this is not a bad thing. Concern arises when students put all their faith and ability into one teacher... and don't know anything about that teacher - especially their yogic background...

Treating PTSD, Other Illnesses and Traumas with Yoga

More and more doctors and researchers are finding the benefits of incorporating yoga into a treatment plan for those suffering from traumatic situations and/or post-traumatic stress syndrom. One of the largest discoveries...

You Are What You "Yoga"

In the practice of yoga we tend at go to the classes that fulfill our favorite parts of ourselves. Those who enjoy a busy day with things to do, typically enjoy a flowing practice. Those who enjoy a day of meditation, rest and stillness typically enjoy a slower practice...
About Elise

I'm a RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) and RYT 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher) rooted in the Hatha tradition, and the Samkhya philosophy; however I attend a variety of classes, like Kundalini. I’m living my dharma (purpose) by creating a community to assist women during the rite of passage into motherhood through the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual qualities of the yoga practice.

In addition to yoga, I'm a mom of two beautiful children and have many interests including Feng Shui, Reiki, alternative healing methods, harnessing my intuition and whatever else inspires me along the way!

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